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Equine laminitis is a serious hoof condition that requires expertise from both farrier and veterinarian to arrive at a proper treatment plan. Glue-U is always innovative in its development of product offerings and leads the way in supporting professionals such as veterinarians and farriers.

Glue-U has all the products you need to support your horse’s treatment plan. We would like to highlight the most commonly used products in case of laminitis.


Glushu Frog Support



How we can help

Our team of professionals are available to share their Glue-U product knowledge with you. We work together to achieve the best results. We offer clinics worldwide for personalized service.

Our solutions

Protection | Support | Shock absorption | Repair | Glue-on shoes

Our products

Glue-U products are all Dutch engineered in cooperation with specialized chemists focused on the practical application in the agricultural sector. Whether it’s the most advanced acrylic, urethane for hoof repairs and extensions, fast-setting pour-in pads, acid free liquid or mix by hand silicone; we offer the most complete product range in the industry. Glue-on shoes and their application are also part of the program.

Our product Range

Hoof PuttyShudim
Urethane GlueShufix
Acrylic GlueShubond
Glue-on shoesGlushu
Shupads | Full line of accessories

Our philosophy

Every horse deserves the best care. In a world where we expect the best performance of our horses, we also need to give the best support and help them when hoof problems occur. Following our philosophy ‘Together we take care of your horse’ we are dedicated to educating and helping find the most suitable products for every purpose. Glue-U offers a wide variety of materials for farriers to create comfort for the horse.