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Glue-U is a Dutch company making innovative products for the farrier industry since 2006.



Following our philosophy “together we take care of your horse” we are dedicated to educate and assist you finding the most suitable products for every purpose.



We designed special adhesives, acid free silicones, fast urethane fillers and glue-on horseshoes to be used for many applications in the farrier’s business.



All Glue-U products are Dutch engineered and manufactured both in Europe and USA with  same quality standards and same performance.


Check out the widest product range in 2 component farrier products. Select the category of your interest and learn more.

Glue-on horseshoes

Specially designed aluminium horse shoe which eliminates any stress or damage to the horse’s hoof. Many Glushu applications have proven this alternative glue-on shoe is ‘The’ solution for many hoof problems or cases where the horse needs more comfort. product page  ➤

Shufit: crack- and hoof repairs
Best performing acrylic glue in the industry. Suitable for gluing on any type of horseshoe and for making crack and hoof repairs. product page  ➤

Pre Fix
2 component super glue used for temporary fixation of any glue-on shoe. Mainly used for application on horses not able to hold their feet up due to soreness or nervous behavior. Or for gluing in severe cold weather circomstances. product page ➤

Pad Material

Shufill Cushion
Adhesive urethane pad material which can be used to protect, cushion or support the hoof sole. product page  ➤

Shufill Silicones
Shock absorbing non adhesive silicone pad material to be used for filling or light- medium-  strong shock absorption depending on the chosen durometer. product page  ➤

Shufill Hoof Packing
The easiest application. 2 component mix by hand impression material. Very suitable for both full or local shock absorption and combinable with wound treatment. product page  ➤

Extensions & repairs

Fast setting urethane adhesive for making extensions and custom plastics shoes. product page  ➤

Best performing acrylic glue in the industry. Suitable for gluing on any type of horseshoe and for making crack and hoof repairs. product page  ➤


Durable black hoof pads with self closing injection holes.
product page  ➤


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