Glushu -The most versatile horseshoe in the market

The most versatile glue-on horseshoe in the market

We are pleased to introduce this month’s highlighted product: Glushu. This item stands out for its quality, innovation and flexiblity with a aluminium horse shoe inside. Glushu is the only glue-on horseshoe that can be molded and shaped to fit any hoof. Easy and fast to apply.

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No Nails Needed

GluShu is a flexible cuff bonded to a specially designed aluminium horse shoe. This gives the horse a light, hoof supporting, cushioned shoe which eliminates any stress or damage to the horse’s hoof and is easy to apply.

GluShus are non invasive, completely eliminating the risk of hoof injury due to nailing.

Glue-U & Glushu


Do you have a horse where there is no wall left to nail? Does every shoeing period the hoofwall break down and you don’t know how to get a shoe under anymore? Then we can help you!

We have adhesives that allow you to create new wall structures and GluShus to better protect the hoof without using nails.

Download the Glushu E-book

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We all come across them sometimes. Laminatic horses. You can’t put a nail into the hoof without a painful reaction from the horse. Want to support the foot so you can help the horse’s healing process. We have a simple way to help you and support the horse easy and quickly with this painful condition.

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