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Bonding, repairing and reconstructing

The most versatile glue used in the horse industry!

Shubond strikes the perfect balance between hardness between and elasticity. Bonds steel, aluminium and even urethane shoes. Suitable for repairing large cracks and creating a hoofwall reconstruction. For a good result, your craftsmanship is 95% of the success. We don’t need to tell you how to trim a hoof, glue a shoe, repair cracks or to create a hoofwall reconstruction.

We would like to support you with the video below to make the best preparation before using Shubond. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel and you have direct access to a large database of video tutorials.

How to level a Shubond cartridge

Check out Peter’s Tips & Tricks for a step by step explanation how to level a Shubond cartridge the right way.

Follow the easy steps to achieve the best glue result.