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The strength of urethane pad material

Superior adhesion to the sole

Welcome to the forefront of equine hoof care innovation! This e-book delves into the transformative world of urethane pad materials designed to provide unparalleled support, cushioning, and protection for horses dealing with foundered and laminitic cases. With two distinctive durometers, A30 Soft and A50 Regular or CS, this cutting-edge pad material can be seamlessly applied using standard caulking guns and 250cc cartridges, making it a game-changer in the field.

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Tips & Tricks Shupack

Check out Peter’s Tips & Tricks for a step by step explanation how to use Glue-U Shupack the right way. Follow the easy steps to achieve the best glue result.

Product features

Shupack pad material features briefly explained by Roy Verocay. A product every farrier should have in the car to offer more comfort to the horse. Whether the hoof should simply be filled, the jumping horse should get more shock absorption or feet with poor hoof growth need more support to relieve stress on the hoofwall. Shupack urethanes can help any horse in any discipline.

Application instructions

Roy Verocay shows how he’s dealing with a flat footed horse bruising on the sole. Shupack pour-in pad material offers the support and protection this horse needs. This product is one of the main products used in modern farrier techniques. Thanks to the adhesion to the hoof sole, no dirt can get in between sole and hoofpad.