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Gluing shoes?

This is how we make it easy!

If you have downloaded our E-book, we have already shown you how easy it is to glue a GluShu under a hoof. For a good result, your craftsmanship is 95% of the success. We don’t need to tell you how to trim a hoof or glue a shoe. We would like to support you with the videos below to make the best preparation before gluing a shoe on a horse.

Watch the videos below and we will show you all the possibilities that you can apply in your daily practice through short video’s. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel and you have direct access to a large database of video tutorials.

How to hooftrim

Just a short video to show the importance of hoof trimming when preparing the feet. No matter if it is for a GluShu or any other Glue-U product. A professional hooftrimmer or farrier knows exactly what to do.

How to size check

There is no perfect fit without reshaping the shoe. In this video we show you how to choose the right Glushu size. We strongly advise to ask a professional farrier for the application of Glushu. Just like normal horseshoes Glushu also needs a proper trimming and decent size check.

How to Prefix

Pre fix will help you in case of nervous horses or severe winter circomstances slowing down the setting time of 2 component glues. You don’t have to hold the foot up for minutes anymore and can easily backfill the cuff when the horse is standing in a relaxed position. Mainly foundered horses feel a great benefit when standing on 4 feet. Pre fix is a 2 component super glue to pre glue your Glushu temporarily and put down the horse’s hoof back on the ground after seconds.

How to Modify Glushu

Check out some options for modifying a standard Glushu to an orthopedic glue-on horseshoe. In this particular case Roy Verocay wants to relieve stress on the deep flexer for a chronical foundered horse. Glushu can be modified to a horseshoe with more break-over or frog support, a reverse horseshoe, heartbar shoe, etc…

How to Replace GluShu

We already focussed on how to pre-fix your Glushu in a previous video. This video shows you how we advise to take off and replace a Glushu in an easy way and take care of the horses damaged hoof.

How to Prefix a GluShu for the first time

See how easy it can be! The result will surprise you. Our application manager Peter helped a farrier out who had to glue a GluShu on for the first time. Peter is showing all steps with the first shoe. The farrier took care of the second shoe on the other foot.

How to Extend a Mini Glushu for a club footed foal

Club feet are a common issue for foals. The use of an extended shoe is one of the solutions to correct the hoof angle of your foal. This is an option how to make a Mini Glushu extension.

Products used:
– Mini GluShu (pony/foal size)
– Glue-U Shufit, acrylic glue
– Glue-U Shufix, fast set urethane glue (only for smaller horses)

Always use Shufit acrylic glue to glue on shoes at normal sized feet!